Cool Stuff to Keep Hearts and Minds Engaged

We hope that wherever you are in the world this blog post finds you safe and well and fed, and in contact with the people you love. We don’t have science or health advice for you. But as the pandemic is raising a lot of themes we are really passionate about, like social justice, racial equity, civic engagement, media literacy, education, mental health, and more, we have been honored to contribute to these resources we hope will be of use, and contribute all of our learning from this experience as we go along: 

Knock film posterNetflix: In response to requests from teachers across the country, Netflix has made a  selection of documentary films and series available for free on a YouTube channel.Selections include the feature films like Knock Down the House, Chasing Coral, and 13th, as well as the series Abstract, Planet Earth, and more. We were thrilled to contribute supportive educational content for this project.

Stay Home Watch Together title



#StayHomeWatchTogether is a global initiative led by passionate filmmakers, impact producers, and distributors to support films whose impact campaigns were interrupted by the pandemic. The program features a film a day fromApril 14th-30th, with live Q&As with the filmmakers and other panelists. Films are free during the program period, and after the screening day recordings of the Q&A sessions and one-page discussion guides we contributed are available on the website. An educational portal for high school ELA, Social Studies, and STEM classes that include clips from award-winning films paired with dynamic standards-aligned lessons written by teachers, for teachers. Registration and all content is free of charge.

We hope you are safe and staying healthy, and here’s wishing you connection, peace, and learning during these challenging times!


Jen and Fran