We deepen the power of a story.

Since 2015 we have developed impact education resources – lessons, curriculum, discussion guides, platforms, advocacy toolkits, and professional development training materials – for documentary and scripted films

With over 30 years of experience in education and social justice work, we know our tailored resources provide critical context, deepen conversations, and help projects achieve their campaign goals. 

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We are…

  • passionate about education, social change, critical media literacy, and storytelling.
  • guided by our commitment to deepen understanding of social issues, amplify diverse voices, and empower individuals and communities.
  • inspired by the power of education to end white supremacy, gender discrimination, religious persecution, and economic inequities.
  • collaborative, creative, reliable, detail-oriented, and love new ideas.

What we do…

In astronomy, blueshift describes how light wavelengths change as objects in space move closer to the observer.

We draw inspiration from this and work to bring stories, issues, and solutions closer to students and communities through our educational resources.

Who we are…

                                   We work with…

Fran Sterling

Co-Founder & Principal
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Co-Founder & Consultant Jen Sarché

Design  OrangeStatic           

Editing  Sharon AvRutick       

Content Review  Milton Reynolds

Professional Development Support  Julia Torres