We believe that documentary media belongs in the classroom as a tool for media literacy, for examining multiple perspectives and for bringing stories of the most pressing issues of our time to life for students. 

We aim for all our resources to be free and fully accessible for all classrooms.

In 2020 when Covid 19 forced schools to go remote, we worked with these partners to develop these rapid response educational content:

*Netflix: 10 Free Educational Documentaries via YouTube Channel

* #StayHomeWatchTogether: Discussion guides for 20 films, over 2 weeks, 20,000 unique website visits, 2,300 people tuning in.

For Impact Campaigns: Go to Doc Society’s Impact Field Guide – Section 3.0: Impact in Action and 3.1 Equipping for Action for school-based ideas.

Doc Academy

Doc Academy is a free online platform by teachers for teachers that engages students with the most pressing issues of our day through a lens of critical media literacy. The platform is free and easy to use, offering standards-aligned lessons developed by veteran English, Science and Social Studies educators.

Available curriculum by Blueshift

See other classroom curriculum developed with these partners:

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