We create educational content for impact and change

"Blueshift revolutionized the educational materials that accompany our documentary films."
- George Kunhardt, Kunhardt Film Foundation

"After three years of laboring in the field, Blueshift listened closely to our experiences in production, our goals for education, the work and resources we, as filmmakers, had already undertaken, and then added their own curiosity and deep well of experience to the mix."
-Marilyn Ness, Director/Producer, Charm City

"The materials Blueshift collaborated with me to create are meaningful because they are deeply researched and help audiences get beneath the surface to use the film for meaningful discussions and impact."
- Elaine Sheldon, Peabody Award-winning Director, Heroin(e) and Recovery Boys

"Blueshift came highly recommended by many of my fellow documentary filmmakers. From our initial phone call, they were genuinely curious about the subject matter of our film and had creative ideas about how to expand upon the content and reach more audiences.  They took the time to meticulously research material and were thorough about interviewing subjects of the film and respective experts in the field. They were easy to communicate with throughout the entire process, creating lots of time and space for feedback and dialogue."
- Rebekah Fergusson, End Game

"Blueshift wrote the curriculum around Next Gen Science Standards (NGSS) so teachers can use these materials to meet educational requirements, which we’ve found has made tremendous impact. ... Their curriculum has been so successful that now we’re translating it into several languages, so teachers can use INVENTING TOMORROW in classrooms around the world."
-Laura Nix, Director, Inventing Tomorrow

"As documentary film professors by was really important for us to use the film to facilitate dialogue and empathy around an important (and contentious) issue and Blueshift’s efforts could not have been more crucial in helping us achieve that."
- Brad Barber, Director, Peace Officer

“Blueshift dug deeply into the themes of our film, and opened my eyes to the potential scope of an educational curriculum. What began as an English lesson plan is now so much more – an immersive multimedia curriculum, which will allow the film a long and successful life in the educational space.”
– Jason Zeldes, Director, Romeo Is Bleeding