What’s New: At the Heart of Gold

At the Heart of Gold reveals the social and institutional blindspots that enabled Larry Nassar to sexually abuse hundreds of young athletes from his positions as an athletic trainer at USA Gymnastics, Michigan State University, and elsewhere. The film conveys the urgent need to collectively open our eyes to the reality of child sex abuse in order to prevent it from happening again. You can watch this important film on HBO today, and be inspired by the voices of survivors at the center of the film.

Courage First is launching a national impact campaign around the film that is focused on teaching adults to trust survivors, to see the warning signs of abuse, to speak out about it, to hold perpetrators accountable, and to work diligently on prevention.

It is an honor to work with the passionate people at Courage First and The Foundation for Global Sports Development whose purpose is to make athletics safer for all young people. Check back here for the Screening Engagement Guide and information on how to get involved in keeping our children safe.