We Love Our New Look and Website

It’s been about four years since the kernel of the Blueshift idea was born, and three and a half years since we registered to make it official.

If we’ve worked together, you know that we tend to get super excited about ideas, and conceiving our own company was no exception.

During those white-board filled summer meetings of 2015, we kicked around ideas as big as a new educational distribution impact platform, as fun as a film-focused summer camp for kids, and since then we’ve dreamed about everything from virtual reality experiences, to role playing apps and games, to film clubs and documentary meet-ups and more.

At the same time, we have been busy at work bringing ideas to life. We produced and launched Doc Academy in the U.S.with our partners at Doc Society, and we’ve created interactive platforms, discussion guides, professional development tools and classroom curriculum with partners like Netflix, HBO, Participant Media, POV, ITVS, and CPB, Firelight Media, the Kunhardt Film Foundation, and many more that have reached thousands of viewers and extended the reach of our amazing film partners into educational spaces far and wide.

It’s been quite a journey, and it felt like it was high time to re-imagine our look and our website to better match our experience and our focus. We know more about who we are now, and we wanted our website to look like us: home-grown, clean, elegant, and creative, and bursting with energy and ideas. We wanted you, our partners, collaborators and clients, to have pride of place in each of our project pages, and to make it easier for you to take a closer look at some of our favorite work and how education and impact continue to grow. And, we got to work with our partners at OrangeStatic.com, who know us so well, to create it (thanks, Olivia!).

In addition, a LOT of our work is by and for educators. We built our brand new For Educators page and network to help us continue to build our incredible network of educators who love to use documentary media in the classroom, and who work with us as writers, advisors and sounding boards.

Please take a look and join in – we’d love to hear your thoughts.

And THANK YOU!!! We could not have achieved this without you.