Today, students around the world are striking to demand action on climate change. We at Blueshift are ready to follow their lead. The climate they are inheriting is changing, and we need to prioritize them and their message as we find a way through the changes that have already happened, and urgently act to slow or avoid the ones to come.

The students are our inspiration.

We’re honored to create educational materials with film teams who use the powerful medium of documentary film to raise awareness, give faces, names and images to the stories, and to inspire action.

This short video made by our partners at Doc Society describes *free* clips and lessons written by teachers, for teachers for the award-winning films Thank You For the Rain, Chasing Ice and Chasing Coral. Register at and check them out today!

We’ve also worked with these other visually stunning and uplifting films:

Inventing Tomorrow introduces us to students who innovate solutions to climate change in their home communities in Indonesia, India, Mexico and the U.S. to compete in the International Science Fair. This film gives us hope for the future, and we created a full teaching guide and curriculum to help inspire other students to do the same.

Happening recognizes that climate change is, in fact, happening -as is an acceleration in technology and political will to dramatically increase our use of clean and renewable energy sources. A full Teaching Happening guide helps educators incorporate learning about renewable energy and how they can get involved.

And, coming soon, The Human Element is the next evolution in James Balog’s incredible work using visual evidence to move the needle on climate change. It plays on the classical elements of water, fire, air and earth – using gorgeous images to show how humans are changing each of those elements, and the effects of those changes on humans. A full suite of educational materials, available in April, will help educators integrate the full film and/or each of the element-specific lessons into their classrooms.

If you will be at the National Science Teachers Association conference April 11-14 in Saint Louis, MO, come to our Doc Academy learning session and stop by our booth. You might meet James Balog!

THANK YOU to our community of partners and supporters who give us the opportunity to contribute in this way, and THANK YOU to all the students taking to the streets today, for leading the way to a new future!