The foundation of work for most of our clients, screening and discussion guides are a great way to offer context, background information and learning resources to multiple audiences. We start with a discovery phase, working with the film team and their most important stakeholders to get clear on the educational and impact objectives. Then we get creative in thinking how to best frame and present the information.

  • Discussion Guides for general audiences and includes a full suite of film-specific background materials, discussion topics and questions, and additional resources for further learning. Approximately 10 pages.
  • Community Screening Guides includes all Discussion Guide elements with additional engagement resources and strategies for audience specific contexts such as parents, faith communities, medical, social work, legal, cultural institutions, law enforcement and more. Approximately 20-30 pages.
  • Engagement Strategies are guides created specific for community engagement screenings and include interactive activities that support integrating a film into a variety of community events, stakeholder gatherings, brain trust meetings and more.

Discussion Guide

For Audrie & Daisy, in addition to classroom lessons, we wrote a Discussion Guide to help facilitators host a community screening. We also created an extensive Parent Discussion Guide to support watching Audrie & Daisy with teens about sexual assault, social media and standing up to keep themselves and each other safe. 


Community Screening Guide

For Dolores we created an Community Screening Guide with background information about Dolores Huerta, an icon of civil rights in the US, she was co-founder of the United Farm Workers and her intersectional approach created synergy with the civil rights, feminist, environmentalist and other movements. The guide includes audience engagement strategies and resources for further learning.

Engagement Strategies

The Engagement Strategy Guide we developed in partnership with ITVS for Meet the Patels includes information for facilitators and creative audience engagement strategies in line with the rom-com energy of the film.