“You can’t kill someone and then go home and wash dishes. It changes you from the inside out.” -Lindy Wells, Lindy Lou Juror #2

Twenty years ago Lindy Lou Wells believed she was upholding the rule of law by fulfilling her duty as a citizen and serving on a jury with 11 other jurors. At the conclusion of the trial, a capital murder case, the jury handed down the death penalty to Bobby Wilcher, a Mississippi man convicted in a double homicide. Since then Lindy Lou has lived with an unbearable feeling of guilt for her decision. Determined to understand the overwhelming remorse that she has been grappling with for years, Lindy Lou takes off on a road trip across Mississippi to track down and learn more about her fellow jurors tasked with deciding the fate of a man’s life all those years earlier. Lindy Lou, a conservative, former federal police officer, and religious woman from the South manages to tackle this oft-politicized topic with humor, an open mind, and sincere curiosity.

In partnership with POV, Blueshift developed a lesson plan entitled, "What Do I Believe? Considering Controversial Issues like the Death Penalty" in preparation for the 2018 broadcast.