Knock down the house

Tune in to Netflix on May 1 to watch Knock Down the House and use the House and Community Screening Guide and Youth Organizing resource we are developing. Educators and organizers - Stay tuned for the curriculum that will be out over the summer.

Director Rachel Lears documents the story of four working-class women who ran for Congressional office in the midterm elections of 2018 and it is an inspiring and hopeful story about democracy in action.

Cori Bush, Missouri 1st Congressional District

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, New York 14th Congressional District

Paula-Jean Swearengin, U.S. Senate Candidate from West Virginia

Amy Vilela, Nevada 4th Congressional District

They are four of the record numbers who organized grassroots campaigns, rejected corporate PAC money and challenged the notion that everyday people can’t run successful campaigns against sitting incumbents. Collectively these candidates herald a cultural and political shift to transform the process of running and electing our representatives. Such changes do not occur in a vacuum, nor are they about a singular issue. Rather they are about changing the attitudes, behaviors, terms, and outcomes of existing and entrenched norms and building towards a more inclusive and representative government.