End Game, streaming on Netflix, weaves together three stories of visionary medical providers who practice on the cutting edge of life and death, helping to change the way we think about both: the palliative care team at UCSF Medical Center; Zen Hospice Guest House, a Buddhist-inspired end-of-life residence in a classic San Francisco Victorian; and B.J. Miller, M.D., a charismatic physician who understands suffering first-hand (he lost three limbs in an accident when he was 19) and who has worked with both UCSF and Zen Hospice. This core group of caregivers in San Francisco are dedicated to relieving suffering, and to changing the way we think about—and make choices about—how we live our lives as we near life’s end.

In partnership with the film team, Blueshift developed three unique resources for End Game - a Community Screening Guide, a Family Guide and a Clinicians Guide with four independent professional learning modules.

To access any of the materials go to Download Resources at www.endgame-documentary.comSelect an Option to locate your specific audience or need.