Taking Stock - History is Calling

This seems like a timely moment to take stock. History is calling and documentary film stories inform our understanding of the past and animate our present. The films we work with can help to make sense of all that is happening.

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"Recovery Boys" Fights Stigma

Recovery Boys, Academy Award-nominated Director Elaine McMillion Sheldon’s new film, started streaming on Netflix Friday, June 29. The film offers an intimate glimpse into the lives of four men in West Virginia as they navigate the process of recovery from substance abuse disorder.

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End Game - “It’s purely human.”

“There’s nothing inherently medical about dying. It’s much larger than medicine. It’s purely human. Part of that admission is to keep all of this couched in humanity, not medical science, or social science, but really a full arc of humanity. Kindness, total openness, vulnerability, exchange.”

-B.J. Miller, M.D., End Game

Many may know of BJ Miller from his TED talk, but we got to know him and many other extraordinary palliative caregivers at UCSF and Zen Hospice Project in San Francisco through End Game which launched on Netflix on May 4th…

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Dolores Huerta, Our Past, Present and Future

The documentary film, Dolores, chronicles the story of Dolores Huerta, a civil rights champion whose life's work continues to increase rights and improve the lives of every American. Peter Bratt's engaging film aims to overpower the racism and sexism that have prevented Dolores Huerta from becoming the inspirational household name she deserves to be.

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