Our Values

Integrity: We are passionate about creating thoughtful educational resources that are research-based, clear and unbiased. 

Inclusion: Our goal is to amplify social good, and we believe part of that is making excellent media and educational materials widely accessible across race, class, and education level, learning styles and geography.

Partnership: We recognize that social impact media inspires passionate responses, and that the many stakeholders involved in a project need to feel included in order for movement to take place. We seek to understand the perspective of the artist, the subjects, the experts in the field and others so that everyone involved feels proud of and accurately represented by the materials.

Innovation: Understanding that the way media is consumed and the way educational materials are distributed is in a state of flux, we have our ears to the ground and our eyes to the web, looking for fresh ideas and partnerships to stay ahead of the curve.

Excellence: Our commitment is to timely, high quality and collaborative work that leads to compelling, engaging and beautiful products.