As a filmmaker who is passionate about the impact of my films, I enjoyed working with Blueshift because they share that same passion and bring a level of expertise and professional experience to the educational outreach. They are able to translate the most important moments and nuances of a film into a real life conversation-starter with their guides. The materials Blueshift collaborated with me to create are meaningful because they are deeply researched and help audiences get beneath the surface to use the film for meaningful discussions. The quality of Blueshift’s work is unbeatable - from the in-depth investigations and writing, to the design and presentation, these educational guides are easy to use and full of useful content.
-Elaine McMillion Sheldon,
Peabody Award-winning Director, Heroin(e) and Recovery Boys
Our work with Blueshift was an incredibly rewarding capstone to the making of our film. As documentary film professors by day, Scott and I teach our students about the impact these films can have in the public square and it was incredibly exciting to work with Blueshift during our outreach efforts to help us practice what we had been preaching! It was really important for us to use the film to facilitate dialogue and empathy around an important (and contentious) issue and Blueshift’s efforts could not have been more crucial in helping us achieve that. The discussion guide they spearheaded was an amazing tool in our community and educational screenings, absolutely essential. Could not recommend more highly!
— Brad Barber, Director, Peace Officer

Blueshift has been a valuable thought partner and collaborator on discussion materials for Independent Lens films that broadcast on PBS. Their team shines in presenting multiple sides and perspectives around diverse issues. They masterfully weave together credible and foundational background information with fresh interactive ways to spark dialogue and engage with content themes.

 -Daniel Moretti, National Community Engagement Manager, ITVS

Blueshift dug deeply into the themes of our film, and opened my eyes to the potential scope of an educational curriculum.  What began as an English lesson plan is now so much more - an immersive multimedia curriculum, which will allow the film a long and successful life in the educational space.

-Jason Zeldes, Director, ROMEO IS BLEEDING